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    mary wilson

    How blessed I am to have had time with Patra 01. It was on my birthday mid March that my dear friend Gail took me into her office and gave me the opportunity to become the guardian, the friend, the observer, the companion and more of this beautiful bowl that is so much more than a bowl. For three months I moved her around my house, filled her with flowers and yummy food groups, invited her to a game of Mexican train, and simply contemplated what she had to say. Of course, beauty sang loudly with her graceful lines, her rich colors, her stunning golden leaf embedded in the clay, her lip which said she is not an ordinary bowl, her friend the square painting upon which she sat, her emptiness, her invitation to receive whatever I might fill her with, her simplicity, her grace, her elegance. She spoke to me of stillness, of “enough”…. being, having, accepting that I have enough. She filled my new home with what my friend Lea reminded me, when I introduced Lea to the vessel, is Living Art. Her presence made me a part of something bigger… of a vast community, created by beautiful Lynda, sprinkled throughout this stunning world and instructed to contemplate and enjoy precious moments beside this vessel. What a true blessing.

    I miss her. I feel the void in the space she held on my table. But because of her I look at each and every object I choose to reside along side of with a new appreciation of the beauty and the mulit-dimensionality (is that a word?) of everything.

    Thank you Lynda. You know I adore you and your art. Thanks for manifesting such a far reaching experience. And thanks for making me laugh by suggesting we might take our vessels “on vacation”.

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    Meg Holgate

    As I unwrapped this beautiful bowl I was aware of how lovely it is to be included in this gift-giving cycle: a physical reminder that there is no end to the conscious exchange of thoughtfulness and beauty. I see in this bowl the temporal embodiment of a philosophical, emotional and spiritual way of life. Presently she sits on a Chinese alter table in my bedroom and is the first thing I see in the morning as I open my eyes and the last thing I see when I go to sleep, a mindful way to begin and end the day. The Patra Passage speaks to Lynda Lowe’s artistic vision and humanity, and serves as a reminder that we can practice the art of giving everyday. Patra 001 will be missed when her voyage is complete.

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