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    Valerie O'Shea

    I use my vessel for my every day items-right now it is holding a variety of colored felt balls- and move it from room to room as I feel it needs a change of scenery-as i only have two rooms not very difficult. I am feel extremely lucky to have this amazing and beautiful vessel as part of my world. As I use and admire my vessel I remember that what ever is provided in the vessel or in life will be enough.As I am going through some major changes in my life #17(I need to give it a better name #17 sounds too impersonal) helps me to remember that whatever I have or whatever I don’t have doesn’t matter because what I do have will always be enough. It is not the physical objects that truly make us happy but our inner peace, well being love of oneself and those in our lives.

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    Valerie O'Shea

    It is time for Sophie (number 17) to continue on her journey. Though it is difficult to let her go the lessons we learn from letting go, surrendering and setting free are mind boggling. Instead of trying to hold on so tight I must learn to let go It seems the more I are willing to surrender the more content and at peace I am –which is more than enough! I wish I was continuing the journey with Sophie as she is going to visit one of my dearest friends in one of my favorite cities. I know she will enjoy her time with Kevin as I always do and look forward to hearing about his experiences with the vessel.

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    Joanna McClure Post author

    I can’t tell you what a delight it was to receive and to have the Patra vessel nearby to enjoy daily. Did after holding it and turning it around and admiring it, pick it up one day and was so charmed with how it felt that I went to the faucet and filled it 1/3 full of water, held it to my lips and the water felt absolutely sacred. I felt I should be at a table passing it around on a special occasion. It definitely felt like a loving, loved cup. Was sorry to see later in the pamphlet that it was not intended for consumables, but am sure no harm was done. It is SUCH a delight!

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    Lynda Lowe Post author

    I love that you drank from the vessel! It is totally fine to do so. The bowls are all sealed so everything is protected. I almost wish I hadn’t written “not for consumables”, but a few people mentioned their concern early on about sticky stuff and perhaps scrubbing doing something to alter the surface. I say use it! Please continue to enjoy the vessel however you feel inspired to do so.

    I hope everyone will!

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