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    Annie Norman

    I am amazed that Patra 18 has been a part of our lives for almost 4 months now – the time has passed quickly (story of our lives!), yet it feels as though this vessel has been here forever because it really is a part of us now. We pass it dozens of time a day, and it still brings warm feelings to my heart. I have embraced the concepts of the project from the first time I learned of it. Everyone who has seen Patra 18 immediately feels the connection too. I have felt guilty for not posting comments throughout these months, but have trouble expressing my thoughts and feelings about it. A good friend (who will be the next recipient of Patra 18) advised me that stressing over pressure to send pictures/comments would only take away some of the joy in being a first participant in the project. I will send a picture of the passing of the vessel to the next participant.

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    Laurie Harville Post author

    I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful experience in sharing the Patra Bowls. My friend Anne Norman presented number 18 to me on the 9th of January. I find it interesting that 18 adds up to 9. I am going to tune into the number 9 more, and breathe in special Blessings that are moving in and out of my space.

    It is a rewarding feeling to realize that I can also be sending Love and greetings to others on that date as well; still realizing that any day is an opportunity for sharing. The beautiful bowl has a heartbeat that brings rhythm in from other areas visited, while
    absorbing rhythm from this location. My husband and I have just made a major move. It seems a real Gift in receiving number 18 at this time of settling in to a new space bringing new experiences.

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    Laurie Harville Post author

    My Husband and I have returned to Kauai, to celebrate our 52nd Anniversary. I was not comfortable in packing Patra 18 in a very tight suitcase. I decided to take a picture of the vessel and bring it along instead. The framed picture has been on our dining table and is there to greet us every day….
    When I look at the picture it brings me right to the Bowl on my shelf at home. This has become a connection and is enjoyed daily.
    Before we left on this trip, I spent time holding the beautiful Vessel number 18, and looking carefully at all angles. I was surprised to discover a lovely vine beginning at the center of the bowl and spreading out to the lip. I had not noticed it before and was delighted at the discovery.
    I knew the wonderful vines we would be seeing in Kauai, and it seemed to be a connection in sharing this special trip. It was a gift in seeing the way in and the way out to explore many things. The bowl is full of treasures to discover, and also a place to hold happy memories.
    At times I have felt the bowl beating like a heartbeat, as I add a special moment to it. For example, the day I was walking by a plant and looked down to see a beautiful green gecko sitting very still on one of the large green leaves. How many had walked by never seeing it there I wondered. Gift one added to the Bowl of Treasured Memories.
    Back to the wonderful vine of Patra 18. It works both ways; a way in for rest and a way out to further exploring. I feel I have been Blessed with a better understanding of being able to enjoy gifts around me, but also in sharing them with others freely.
    The picture holds power and connection and I am so glad to have it with us. This was an experiment for me and I am happy with the results.

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    Laurie Harville Post author

    Yesterday I had a visit with two friends, sharing the beauty and wonder of Patra Vessel Number 18. We each took a turn holding the vessel and looking deeply within the bowl. Each of us then wrote about what we were feeling from this experience. These thoughts were next gifted to the bowl, to hold and absorb. My friends had personal comments of how this had affected them and thus I feel it is a trust between them and the beauty of the vessel. I wrote: “Glistening light spills over the edges. The Universe is filled with joy in reconnecting with special friends.’ My friends are Healers. I feel it an honor to know them. Having them able to share the special experience of the Patra Passage with me, was truly an exchange of sharing joy while receiving the beauty and wonderment of Number 18.

    I feel that the vessel is not limited to a certain size, but moves freely in expanding to whatever is needed in a sharing situation. Yesterday it seemed to grow as Love, Joy, and Appreciation were being exchanged with us. It is truly a wonderful visitor and is adding great Peace to our home.

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    Laurie Harville Post author

    Today I spent some time looking at Vessel 18. I have had it facing in the same direction since I first received it. The thought suddenly came to me, to turn it around a bit to see another angle. The change of color and shape of the lip of the bowl was amazing. It too was beautiful, but different from what I had been used to looking at. I realized that this is not just referring to objects, but to people we meet and perhaps have even known for a long time. We tend to limit what we see or think we see.

    Our world expands when we allow our hearts to open to more than one side or one angle or one description that we may have become use to. I thank Patra 18 for helping me gain another perspective. Turning the Vessel around has given me a lovely gift today.

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    Laurie Harville Post author

    Again looking at Patra 18 from a different position gives me the feeling of a large receptacle transmitting Energy and also receiving some. The deep blue green colors inside the vessel remind me of the sky and also the sea; full of mystery and treasure to be discovered.

    I now have enjoyed the bowl in my home for two months. I know who I will pass it on to, but am waiting for the right moment after my birthday in April to surprise her with this special gift.

    I enjoy standing in front of the bowl and just breathing in the Energy coming from the space. I will miss this presence; so am concentrating on the time left to enjoy in the now.

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    Laurie Harville Post author

    With gratitude for my time with Patra Bowl 18, I have now passed it on to a special friend who was just overcome with the gifting. She has enjoyed times here talking about the vessel, so she has been involved with it already.

    We had such a wonderful afternoon yesterday spent with my sister who has been here for a week helping me celebrate my birthday. It was a lovely addition having Anne, who is once again a near neighbor, join us. So, the picture below shows the three very Blessed women who were fortunate to have Patra 18 in their homes.

    I will miss the wondrous bowl and all its special vibes. I feel our home was Blessed with being able to share time together.

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    Matysik Anna Post author

    I am so grateful to my friend Laurie, for sharing the experience of the Patra Passage community with me while bowl 18 was in her home.
    I am so honored to now share bowl #18, and to have been gifted with it, for the next few months.
    I was in shock that I was gifted the bowl, it was a gift that I did not expect and that I feel so very blessed to have received.

    My feelings and thoughts as I ponder its presence:

    Light manifested into matter
    Unexpected delight
    New perspectives
    Out of brokenness – wholeness
    I am enough
    I have enough
    Let Light shine
    I am a teacher
    Radiant beauty
    Rich and varied colors of life that blend together into tapestry
    In service
    Flight and growth
    Time to unleash joy
    Leap – dance – soar
    Trust abundance
    Celebrate beauty
    Gratitude for those whose life journey weaves through my journey
    Gratitude for my friends, Laurie, Pearl, Barb & Ann
    Gratitude for Lynda, for her passion manifest and shared with others
    Gratitude for this empty bowl, that I do not own.

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    Anna Matysik

    We have had a tremendous amount of transition during the time we have had this sacred bowl.
    And knowing that this gift of the bowl, was with us, reminded me that in the midst of change and
    transition, there is Love and God and a Force beyond our words that is with us and giving us strength and courage and perhaps helping guide us to what is true and right for us.

    Some thoughts: we make mistakes or decisions that we wish we could go back and change, but also embrace that each day is a new day and that we can embrace and live in today, and intentionally make decisions today that move us forward.

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    Anna Matysik

    To change, to grow, to learn, to love and to intentionally create, life is a gift. What shall we create today?
    May we be blessed as we travel this day,
    And may we bless others along the way.
    I am so very grateful.

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    Anna Matysik

    There is a time for every season.
    There is a time for “busyness” and “jumping” through the hoops.
    There is time with family and friends, to just be.
    There is a time for inner reflection and quiet.
    There is a time to reflect.
    There is time.
    We have enough, we do enough, we are enough…
    when we “know” this we can be more of who we are.

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    Anna Matysik

    To see the world in a grain of sand
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour. William Blake

    Accepting the bowl was a powerful experience, humbling to think that it was given to me, a gift I did not expect. It emanates beauty and its own healing energy. I am deeply grateful to Laurie Harville for giving me this vessel. I am in great gratitude to Lynda Lowe for creating this project. The bowl has held sacred space in our home during time of great transition.

    On the last morning that I held Patra 18, I embraced the beauty of its colors of rich turquoise and gold.

    I have always loved the interplay between Science and Spirit. To me, this vessel represents the unknown quality of Spirit and the earthly attempt to quantify and to explain by science.

    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”, Albert Einstein, “As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible but more mysterious.”

    “… as if it were the center of the wheel where all spokes meet.” Lewis Hyde

    The bowl did feel like the center of a wheel that held sacred space, for which all in our household were able to experience change.

    Patra 18 has been like a “Buddha Bubble”. “The Buddha Bubble is an energetic stance of compassion during which one holds a safe, non-judgmental space for someone … when we are in the face of conflict or upset with others the most evolved place to be in is the Buddha Bubble….(where we stand) in energetic integrity. We are not taking responsibility for other people’s emotions, but instead are holding a safe space for them to be, and use whatever emotions they are experiencing as mechanisms for growth.” Aleya, energetic sound healer.

    In giving, “… value lies not with the object but within the experience.” Lynda Lowe
    It is with great joy and honor that I have passed Patra vessel 18 to Pearl Bjodstrup.

    Said the sun to the moon,
    You cannot stay

    Says the moon to the waters,
    All is flowing

    Says the field to the grass,
    Seed-time and harvest,
    Chaff and grain.

    You must change said,
    Said the worm to the bud,
    Though not to a rose,

    Petals fade
    That wings may rise
    Borne on the wind.

    You are changing
    said death to the maiden,
    your wan face
    To memory, to beauty.
    Are you ready to change?
    Says the thought to the heart,
    to let her pass
    All your life long

    For the unknown, the unborn
    In the alchemy
    Of the world’s dream?

    You will change,
    says the stars to the sun,
    Says the night to the stars. Kathleen Jessie Raine

    It is my heart’s desire that we Remember the Gift,
    Anna Matysik ~ Mother, Teacher, Author, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, and Stephen Minister

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    Laurie Harville

    Anna is full of Love and Light. She shares her gentle caring Spirit with anyone fortunate enough to be in her presence. It has been a wonderful experience having the Patra Bowl 18 in our lives. I thank Anne Norman for first passing it on to me.

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