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    Zola Solamente

    After spending 24 hours admiring and cherishing Patra 23, I have decided to pass the piece on to a beloved friend who recently was diagnosed with cancer. She and her wife just purchased a beautiful new home, and were ready to enjoy their new surroundings. I know they will both find beauty and strength in this gorgeous piece, and in Lynda’s generous act of sharing her work with an expanding community. With “The Patra Passage” Lynda has provided me a way to help comfort my friends, when words and gestures can only do so much.

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    Ashley Riggs

    I am the friend that is the recipient of Patra 23! We absolutely love the concept of the Patra Passage and feel blessed to be a part of this journey. We have so enjoyed its placement in our new home right above the fireplace in our living room. I have been able to work(I am a teacher) throughout my chemotherapy. But I cannot lie, most days I come home from school and crash on the couch. A lot of times I just lay there without the noise of the television or internet and just rest my body. To look up and see this beautiful vessel has been a reminder and encouragement to me of the dear friends(like Zola) that I am so blessed to have as part of my awesome support system during this time.
    We are on vacation in Edisto Island, SC right now for the week and Patra 23 made the trip with us from Durham, NC! In the spirit of the journey as well as Thanksgiving week, we have taken time each day to write things that we are thankful for and to place them in the bowl to read at the conclusion of the week. So very much to be thankful for!!
    The journey of the Patra vessels, just like the highs and lows in life is a reminder to me that “this too shall pass”. My hope and prayer is that I can embrace it all and be the best I can be with love as my foundation.
    Thank you Lynda and thank you to Zola for allowing me to be a part of this journey.

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    Ashley Riggs

    I was pretty devastated when Patra 23 broke a couple of weeks ago. Of course it was an accident, but I was careless when I was reaching over my mantel to get something and my hip knocked it off and there it went, off of it’s secure stand and onto the floor. Words cannot describe the frustration I felt as I stood there looking over what was left of the bowl. It had been a tough week physically and mentally as I was nearing the end of radiation and this seemed to be “the last straw”. I was literally in shock about what happened and recalled reading in the booklet about the Patra Passage about what to do if your bowl broke. I had skimmed that part because that wouldn’t happen to me and I remember thinking at that time, how HORRIBLE it would be if that ever happened to anyone! Well it went and happened. To me=(. I called my dear friend Zola who had given me the bowl and left her a long, rambling, desperate voicemail explaining what had happened only to get a very understanding, light-hearted, humorous response from her. She assured me that it would be okay and that Lynda would understand. So I sheepishly emailed Lynda and explained to her what had happened. She proceeded to rip me and tell me how irresponsible I was. Okay, I am so kidding=). She actually reacted in the opposite way with patience, kindness and understanding. Whew, what a relief!
    I was given a great reminder by Lynda in words and in action that this project and our time on this earth isn’t about things. Material possessions, challenging times, great and exciting things in life come and go. Can we be content in the here and now and focus on the things that are really important? Love, relationships, family, friends and being a light to others. What a practical and awesome lesson out of something that pretty much did and still does suck. But guess what, life goes on, I was shown love and understanding, was enlightened and reminded of some pretty great things aaaaaaaand Lynda was awesome enough to send me a new Patra 23 since the pieces of the original were unable to be mended.
    Thank you Lynda and thank you for this project and the life lessons!

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