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    I loved this passage (paraphrased) from Karen Fisher’s “A Sudden Country” and it works for these vessels…….

    “It’s trancendent, do you know what that means? Somethings just have God in them. Some don’t. I can tell, animals, people, even things. We have a headboard we brought. My father made it and there’s a bureau that goes with it. Mama says she could leave the bureau but not the headboard. They are the same but close your eyes and you can feel….they’re different. There’s like a light coming out of the thing, or place, or person….like they’re awake and the rest is sleeping.” paraphrased from “A Sudden Country” Karen Fisher

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    Patra 33 was given to me by a very good friend. I recently passed it on to another good friend, thus completing the circle of friendship between the three of us. My days with the vessel passed by quickly. A reminder of one of the most precious things we have – time.

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    Sharing in the journey of Patra 33 was a time for reflection and gratitude. The symbolism that whatever the bowl holds is enough for the day reminded me to be thankful that each day is a gift. I deeply appreciate friendship and the creative spirit that links us all in so many ways.

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