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    Lawrence Fodor Post author

    Finally received the vessel a couple of days ago – I noticed the box when I came home late from an event and happened to look on the side of our house as we have had a bear on the property and I saw some garbage scattered about. It was sitting on the side of the house – and I’m not sure how long it was actually sitting there or who on earth put it there other than the postal delivery person – but I imagine not too long as I would have noticed it earlier, or, the bear might have gotten hold of it had it been sitting there for more than a day or two!!!

    At any rate, the outside box was in good shape, but something told me I should delay opening the box until daylight. I love the night, it is my time and has been since I was a child sneaking a flashlight in bed so I could play with my toys or read – but really, I just wanted to be outside, mostly on the roof of our house looking at the night sky and its infinite points of light and dreaming of navigating through the stars. Still now, I find i can think more clearly at night – there seems to me less ambient physic clutter to distract my thoughts and less visual stimuli to sidetrack my vision.

    I waited until the next morning to open the box and when I did I was starring at the night again – both inside and out!

    The bowl is beautiful, with its dark and rich interior and band of white gold reading as the Milky Way against the dense black void – and while the exterior echoes that cosmos, it also feels as though I could sail the skies or seas to mysterious places unknown with its esoteric navigational formulae – and once I board the right vessel I know I can decipher its codes and a route will become apparent – a passage will unfold.

    Knowingly, it is just my interpretation of the piece based on where I am in my life, but no matter… the bowl is perfect, timely and will be a great help to me in the next couple of months. That I know also. And, hopefully it will be as meaningful to the person to whom I pass it along.

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    David Kimball Anderson Post author

    Remember, this is a journey and process. If the bowl were to break it would simply be movement in a non-linear experience. This is the release and wonder of these new contexts, art experiences, the “audience of one”. The idea of “possession” begins to break down and we decompress as we let go.

    Soon we are but just breath. “Precious” is is both dear and constricting. “Delicate” is to be cherished but let out the door/open the window and allowed to fly. So, we care for such things as this tiny bowl, knowing at our deepest place that nothing is permanent.

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