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    Julie Speidel

    There has been a spiritual richness added to my studio by this very special ritual process. I love that the empty vessel aids in the free and clear mind.

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    Mark Bennion Post author

    I think the vessel and I have become friends in some way. For a while I kept it on my Buddhist Altar as I performed my daily practice of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. A practice of Nichiren Buddhism my wife and I have continued for 46 years.

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    Lynn Di Nino

    Last night I turned the special 038 vessel over to Rick Semple/Jori Adkins, in Tacoma, where it resided at my house for the last couple of weeks. Dick Weiss (Seattle) had it for the couple of weeks before me. He received it from ‘Pat’ who was ‘gifted’ by Bill Traver. I don’t see that part of its trail shown here. . . so, just so you know where it’s been!
    Dick and I teased about taking it out to the ocean for a baptism, to his cabin on the ocean 40 miles south of Neah Bay, but decided we couldn’t trust ourselves not to break it since that trip would entail descending a steep muddy trail about 100 feet above the beach.
    We DID play with it at my house, coupling it up with other fine art pieces and taking photographs, which I’ll post here. We had alot of fun showing it with a John deWit glass vessel, a Jim Kraft clay vessel and a Dick Weiss painted pitcher. Other art in my place was jealous not to be shown with 038 – a quietly beautiful piece.
    It was interesting to contemplate the giving of the vessel to another: I felt I had so many options. . . it had to be someone special, someone ‘deserving’, someone who could both appreciate it and protect it. The recipient also had to be responsible enough to send it on its way at the appropriate time. I wanted this one to be able to travel to Japan, but couldn’t find any takers. . . thanks for including me (and Dick who has no computer and could not sign in with it) on this lovely trail of good feelings. . .

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    Jori and Rick

    We have been all-consumed by a restoration project for almost three years. Can a small bowl distract us? Can this bowl be larger than life?

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