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    Jennifer Boyden Post author

    I feel so honored to be one of the pairs of hands that will hold this beautiful vessel—it occupies my hands so amazingly.

    Also, I realized just as I was placing the bowl in our house that it has been a long time since I’ve made a house a home with the placement of a bowl. When I used to have dogs, whenever I moved to a new house or apartment (often… grad school, early career, and beyond), my first act was always to fill a bowl with water and set it down for the dogs. That’s where the water dish would stay until we moved. It was always such a deeply settling / anchoring act. I haven’t had dogs for some years now, though in the past two years I have moved five times, once halfway around the world to China—and then back again. It was so grounding to unpack this particular bowl and find its place in this new house. It reminded me of how I used to make my home. This helps.

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    Jennifer Boyden Post author

    I was thinking about filling the bowl with seeds and setting it outside. Little winter wren, chickadee, sparrow. But then I remembered the turkeys: the bowl would likely disappear with the seed! No matter. I sort of prefer it empty where it is. Empty-ish anyway. The bowl sits just past the bathtub under a big window looking out into the yard where the turkeys walk through around the same time every day. They fill the bowl with their presence. They, and the many other things which are gifts of the day go into this bowl. My longtime, dear friend had passed this bowl to me. It holds our friendship, but also the fact that in the context of this project, she thought of me. How lovely. There is the meditation on steam, on the solitudes of water. The bowl sits near the tub because extending a soak into something more—a pause of wonder, of gratitude, of the many people coming together over something as simple, connective, and necessary as a bowl—is a gift. So, here is to the ever full Bowl 41.

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    Johnna Brown

    I received my bowl from Jennifer Boyden and in holding it felt such great energy! I have had it in my home and also my Reiki room giving and receiving healing energy. I have had the bowl now for 4 months and have felt honored to receive it. I will be passing it on to my step mother Margaret Shelton this weekend.
    I am thankful for the time I have had with the bowl!
    Blessings Johnna

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    Margaret Shelton

    I received this bowl from Johnna Brown and was very honored that I was the one she chose to pass it on to. I decided, after much deliberation, to place the bowl on the nightstand by my bed. This way it is the first thing I see upon wakening and the last before falling asleep. In this bowl I placed the names of people who at this time need good energy to surround them.

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