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    Susan Cannon

    I have been meditating with my gorgeous vessel, holding it lightly between my palms as it rests in my lap. The vessel is quite egg-like, and indeed I do feel as if I’m incubating something for the whole while it is in my care.

    The first time I sat with the vessel, I was surprised at the intensity of energy that emanated from it and into my hands. The vibration was palpable. It is a testament to how powerfully these vessels have been charged with blessings from Lynda’s creative process.

    I have been contemplating who should inherit the vessel next; there are so many worthy candidates.

    Today it became clear.

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    Susan Cannon

    I have known since my first post- October 16 2013- to whom I would offer my sacred vessel.

    And I also knew that right timing was important. I vowed to listen for the inner signal that would let me know that it was time for the vessel to move on. Time passed and I felt nothing. The New Year arrived. I began to doubt myself, and impatient inner voices urged me to get on with it. But I resisted.

    Then today the inner green light turned on, clear as day. I immediately messaged Katie Teague, a wonderfully conscious being who offers the world her gifts as a photographic artist and film maker. She is also a student of Buddhism, transformation, and alternative economies. Katie’s recent award winning documentary “Money and Life” is truly changing the collective conversation about money, our economy, and how that particular form of life energy could be used.

    Katie responded almost immediately with great enthusiasm and gratitude. I was so touched by her receiving, and by her energy. It brought me such inexplicable joy today.

    This sacred vessel will soon travel through space and time, to the very different and spiritually charged environment of Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is one of my old haunts and favorite places. I know it is going to exactly the right place, and to the right person.

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