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    Susan Russell Hall

    Today’s passing of Patra #46 continued full circle. Before it was initially sent off with me in September, it started at Lynda’s studio, with the helping hands of Kristin, her assistant. Today I joined with my mother, also an artist, who has experienced some recent challenges. My transfer of vessel to her is in spirit, as I chose to continue the passing on to Kristin, who happens to be my assistant as well. In essence, closing the circle.
    The vessel image includes a hand of each individual who makes this continuous circle of giving.
    “We are who we are because of other people.”

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    Kristin Johnson

    As mentioned above, this vessel made a full-circle trek. It began with Lynda, with whom I assist, was gifted to Susie, who then passed it to her mother, and then back to me. As honored as I am to be a part of another vessel’s journey, I kept feeling it was important to continue it onward.
    So last weekend, I gifted my sister, Dana, Vessel #46. Dana runs a cultural immersion and volunteer service travel program (http://www.iviatravel.org/). She travels the world to places rich in culture, history, experiences, and people. Part of the program is to work with disadvantaged children in schools, hospitals, or orphanages. I don’t know if this vessel will make it to one of her destinations, but regardless, I wish it, and my sister, forever safe travels.

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    Kristin Johnson

    So I just need to mention this as well…
    Being born, raised, and living in the lovely Pacific Northwest, and a fan of all things Seattle, Vessel #46, to be referred to in this circumstance only as “super bowl #46″ was gifted to my sister, Dana, on “Super Bowl #48″…oh what a beautiful day!

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    Dana Johnson Post author

    It’s funny how things go. When I first received the vessel and became a part of the Patra Passage, I was a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility. When Kristin suggested that I take it with me to Peru, I was more than a bit overwhelmed. I stared at it for days, not feeling really worthy as it’s new caretaker. As time passed, the notion of packing it in my travel bag stopped feeling like a burden and rather an adventure. I wasn’t sure how I would do it, I just knew that I would. The day came and I fit it securely in my bag and off we went. It wasn’t my intention to leave it behind but I met an extraordinary woman and I was overwhelmed with how ‘right’ it felt to pass #46 on. I bestowed the vessel to Vera Tyuleneva last Thursday (May 15). For two days (Friday & Saturday) #46 had two caretakers as I took it on the journey that we had set out to take. We journeyed through the Sacred Valley visiting Pisac, Ollayantaytambo and onward to Machu Picchu. I enjoyed photographing #46 in these amazing surroundings and am pleased with what we were able to produce. When we returned, I bid farewell to #46 returning it to Vera and it’s new adventure began…

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