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    Karen Hudesman

    Our vessel has a wonderful home in our entry way close to the kitchen where we spend a lot of our time. We spend time each day holding our vessel and using it as a means to express our gratitude daily. Gratitude for our relationship, our family, our being.
    We hold it feeling the smoothness of its curves and pass it to one another and exchange our words.

    What a gift this has been for us…..

    Thank you for making this possible for us and the journey for our Patra

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    LaVonne Dorsey

    Capturing space for life’s lovely moments –

    During a sweet and surprising ceremony in their home, my dear friends Karen and Don gave me this magical bowl. Karen shared the story of Lynda Lowe, The Patra Passage project and the gift of the bowl, and then shared what I meant to her. It was joyful to hear her speak of our friendship… the joy, the laughter, the love and the support she felt from me. I was overwhelmed… in a very good way. She then spoke of how she sees me… what she knows of me and my life of being there and doing for others without being asked. I could only think the same of her, and the tears began to roll down both of our cheeks.

    I am grateful for our friendship. I am grateful for the life that I have. I am grateful and honored to have the bowl in my home for just short time and to tell the story over and over again about how the bowl is filled with my life loving moments, Karen and Don’s life loving moments, and the moments of all of those who will be fortunate enough to carry the bowl in their hands after us.

    When I hold the bowl in my hands, it feels as if it holds all the wonder, joy and love life has to offer.

    Thank you Lynda for creating this experience to look closely at the journey of our lives. Here’s to bowl # 48!

    Blessings to all on life journey!


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