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    Alan Grant

    Sophia has been a god send…for some reason the vessel of mine has taken on a personality of its own. I have had her beside me on my desk at work for the last couple months, and at times I have just looked over and thought about life…so I have named my vessel. Sophia has been great. I suspect to many this seems silly, but it also explains to me what is special about these vessels. They have personality and in this world of mass production its great to have something in your life that has a warmth and a personality. I only wish that everything was created with the feel of humans.
    In short it has been a joy to get back in touch with personalized production of objects. Thank you…and I will be sad to see Sophia go.

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    John Allen

    Thanks very much Alan. I’m not sure if the name Sophia is going to stick, but the meaning of it is “wisdom” so perhaps it’s appropriate.

    I received the Vessel a week ago and have waited to write about my impressions because it’s arrival was one of those mysteriously timed things, a “co-incidence” which I have been trying to make sense of. The message of giving and receiving is a powerful one for me, of giving and receiving essence. The Vessel itself is a beautiful object but that is almost beside the point – the beauty has sparked deeper reflection through the feeling of the sublime, so the Vessel has been a facilitator of going deeper, which for me is what this giving and receiving process is all about.

    The co-incidence is about where I am on my journey, and where in particular. I use an Enneagram-based idea of a continuous cycle on which I travel on the journey of my life. It is like a map, helping me to see where I am. And for the last week I’ve been in the center of a turning point thicket, feeling the uncertainty and unknown of things being turned upside down (again). Some peace is emerging, not through knowing, through accepting not-knowing.

    The arrival of the Vessel has meant an email exchange with Lynda and reflection on meaning making in not-knowing – the importance for me of making my own meaning of life in its mystery via trusting my own inner guidance and experiences. Connecting with Lynda and The Patra Passage project, and receiving the vessel, is helping me to see the value of sharing our stories about what it is we are actually doing and how life works, not to find common ground necessarily, even though that’s tempting in order to find some sort of haven in a weird world, but to increasingly realize that all our stories do seem to be pointing to a similar underlying thing going on, and that there is just amazing richness in the tapestry of all our stories fully pursued individually. I am seeing such wonderful harmony not by us all doing the “right” thing according to society but individuals engaging and expressing what’s deepest inside them, making meaning on their own terms. Now that’s a world in harmony at the core.

    Already I have felt the harmony as an email from Lynda last week has “coincided” beautifully with my own inner process, I think unbeknown to her; just the right few words at the right moment. Thank you.

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    John Allen

    It has occurred to me that the giving and receiving of this Vessel has another beautiful layer to it.

    The gift of the Vessel from Alan and my exchange with you Lynda, had enabled me to see that it is the opportunity to have such a thoughtful exchange of real things in the moment which led to some interesting synchronicity. It has occurred to me that that magic, synchronicity, happened as inadvertent gifts received at just the right time. So what is synchronicity? Seems to me it’s the universe giving and receiving gifts through us. So the important thing for me is to respond to the urge to communicate when the feeling is there, not anticipating or guessing anything, but writing nothing more than what is real and happening right now. The gifts of being real.

    The photo is taken on my terrace, with the Vessel gleaming, this afternoon. It’s sitting on top of one of my “new” pieces of wood which I will be turning into sculpture shortly. I have left the wood standing upright for the last few days to let the inspiration flow for how to work the wood, and for its name. The thoughts about synchronicity sparked by the Patra Passage of giving and receiving have certainly produced a beautiful flow of inspiration… thank you again.

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    John Allen

    I’ve been without my vessel #51 for some weeks now. Some emptiness is with me today, a sense of disconnection. I know it’s not the vessel itself, out of my life, but I do know that it’s a symbol of things transpiring in my life. So many changes have happened since I received the vessel from Alan. It’s hard to know what to say really. From the beginning, it was just a simple exchange. And that exchange has entered me in a somewhat different way than I thought it would. It has become an exchange of being, an exchange of where I perceive the center of my being to be, like a giving of the old (away) to receive the new way of being.

    I engaged with you privately Lynda about artistic intent. I understand that now, to have art say something, releasing it unattached, to have the viewer (me, the #51 recipient) experience something, to open to something new perhaps, some problem or opportunity to widen my view of the world or my perception of an issue.

    “Who is the viewer?” is the deep question which arose for me, as that has changed. I am now viewing artistic intent as the most important thing we could focus on in this respect (helping that question to arise). How else can we see the unseeable, how else can we delve into ourselves for deeper meaning? I’ve read books on delving deeper and that process seems to be good, to be fulfilling. But now all that feels like a useful introduction rather than very useful at all in seeing more deeply. Because it involves intellectualizing, filling up my mind with ideas, generating ideas. So what’s the problem with that? It’s that my mind is the thing which is in the way of transcendence into deeper seeing. It is the barrier. Certainly it’s a useful ally, for understanding what’s going on, and then it needs to step back, to dissolve. And it’s certainly not going to do any of those things by itself. Right?

    So what’s this all about? It’s about waking up to some other part of me which is like my deepest feelings, below/higher/outside mind, simply deep knowing, not mind, not emotions, the deep feelings behind surface emotions. That is my guide – singular because that’s the focus required at the start, clear singular focus on what my deep feeling are. It is from there that I see things more deeply.

    So in this process of interacting with you Lynda in this blog and in private, I have come to see the importance of such artistic intent, through receiving and giving vessel #51, through feeling deeply into the intent of the Patra Passage, and really looking at your other art work and feeling its impact on me personally.

    I thank you Lynda for these sparks from your deep knowing and your work, helping me to light my own way in previously dark territory!

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