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    Ruby Smith

    I received number 57 late 2013 in the middle of my senior year of high school. It was from a person that I held in high regard, and was pleasantly surprised to be given a wooden box with a pretty red ribbon. Not much information was given to me for I was strongly urged to read the little book and look up the website, which I did so immediately.
    I found the idea of the Patra Passage intriguing and was happy to be included. The first thing I experienced with number 57 was a journey to my home some thirty miles out of Tacoma. Public transit with a wooden box the size of a bread box and all the other everyday commuters was slightly humerous. It was also raining outside; surprisingly, since this was Washington in the winter. It seemed to be a fitting beginning to our time together, this was the life that I lived and the Patra dish got to experience that.
    At home, number 57 lived in multiple places in our house. Always changing and seeing it in different areas was a innovative way of looking at the experience that my mom was fond of. We also explained this experience to multiple different visitors of our home. Everyone was interested to different variations, and wanted to see the outcome of all 108 patras.
    Eventually, it was time to pass along number 57. I was hesitant at first. I did not know who to pass it too, and to be honest, I liked having it in my home. A classmate of mine that I had always admired for their higher aspirations and outlooks on life seemed like the best choice for the next interval of life for number 57. I knew this person would take great care of the parta vessel, and understand the significance that it holds. I surprised them with the vessel and little explanation, much like my own experience, and left them with that wooden box and the pretty red ribbon. They seemed as excited about this experience as I was and still am, and am waiting in anticipation for the final product of all 108 vessels.
    Thank you.

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