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    PL Mondloch Post author

    Bowl #58 is continuing its spiritual journey. I passed it along with a few grains of rice to sustain the spirits within. My heart and soul are filled with serenity and peace from my brief encounter with your beautiful creation. Thank you for the opportunity to experience the power of the Patra Passage.

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    Terri Skalabrin

    I received the beautiful Patra Passage bowl today from my mother. She is such a blessing in my life. Each day it will serve as a reminder of the beauty in the world and the importance of living in the moment.

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    Joan Skalabrin

    December 2013
    When I received the bowl from PL, I was experiencint the lowest point in my life; grieving the sudden loss of my youngest son. Others spoke of “giving” something to the bowl. I truly had absolutely nothing to give.

    But, I placed the bowl on the dining table where I could see it daily, as I tried to discern some meaning for me, something that could comfort me. The bowl has such a complex beauty, seeming mysterious and ancient, and suggesting powers drawn from the past.

    Eventually, intensely focusing on the bowl did give me comfort. It gave me the peace of living in the moment, as I appreciated its beauty and mystery. Though it’s gone from its place of honor, I still visualize it. And I am practicing the art of being in the present, the art of today.

    My children played such an important role in sustaining me during that most difficult time and they continue to do so; therefore, it seemed fitting to pass the bowl along to my first-born daughter, Terri. Here she is with me in a photo taken on the island of Zanzibar when we travelled together to Tanzania.

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    Robyn Leone

    On June 27, 2014, I received the Patra Passage bowl from my beautiful friend Terri Skalabrin. What made the gift even more spectacular is that after offering me the bowl, we visited one of the most beautiful, captivating places in Denver, the Botanical Gardens. As we walked the gardens and took in the beauty of a visiting Chihuly exhibit, it reminded me of the appreciation I have for nature, art and magnificent friendships. I do not take lightly the decision Terri made to pass the bowl to me and am honored to house it, even for a short time. I feel the love, sorrow, tenderness and even renewal this bowl embodies. I will treasure it while it’s in my presence and even after it has left. Just like the feeling that friends bring when you’re together and even when they aren’t sitting right in front of you. Namaste.

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