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    Chris Martinez

    My Patra, 61 arrived on February 15, 2014. It was sent from Wa to my home in CA from my best friend, Linda. At first I was surprised because I had just sent her a gift last week and didn’t expect anything back. It arrived on the same day as another friend’s funeral. I feel it arrived filled with the love to replace the sadness that this day had been about.

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    karen ancas

    Dear Chris ~ thank you for sending this gift to me from across these united states. I am overwhelmed with joy!

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    Karen Ancas Post author

    The arrival of the bowl was at a perfect time for me, a very low moment of financial strain and worry. The day it arrived I took it outside and sat in the sun with it. I closed my eyes and meditated with it. When I opened them, I looked into the golden bowl and it was full of blue sky. I realized the fine line between emptiness and abundance is perspective.

    I have meditated with the bowl each day now and have had some excellent revelations. We live in such a virtual and intangible world of communication that to have this beautiful box, with the silk wrapped bowl and the pedestal stand to hold in my hands and know that it is literally touching the lives of so many is an amazing gift – a reminder of how we are all physically connected as well as telepathically!

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    Karen Ancas Post author

    I have had such an amazing experience with ‘my’ bowl, number 61. From the time it arrived, my awareness seemed to shift and by taking the time to meditate with the bowl, I had some major transformative experiences! All the pieces finally fell into place for me after 3 years of determination, surrender, love, gratitude, appreciation, compassion and giving. The bowl seemed to bring all the threads together in my life to lead me to a place of blessings and contentment.

    When it arrived, I was in the midst of major anxiety over my finances. I had been looking for a full time job for 3 years, and as hard as I worked nothing would come together. It really had me stymied. After a few days meditating with the bowl, I had some deep realizations about shifting my thinking about the work I was looking for.

    I was pretty amazed by some of the revelations, going very far back to my childhood… things I had not remembered until now about what might be my true calling. The main thing I seemed to be hearing from my internal voice was not to have fear about moving in new directions.

    I took some unusual steps over the following days and weeks, and within one month of sharing the bowl, I got a certification and a full time job that EXACTLY fit my criteria. For me, it is even hard to believe. My closest friends feel that is was no surprise that I manifested the exact things I was working toward, but I know that the bowl was the catalyst.

    I spent a lot of time thinking about who to send the bowl to. I knew fairly quickly just who should receive it, but I shared my experience with many close friends who I wished could also experience this project.

    After everything came together for me, I was ready to send the bowl off to my friend. She is a glass artist also and has been struggling recently at this stage of her life and her career to find her purpose. I could hardly wait to send the bowl. She will ‘get’ it, and appreciate it, and I just know she will be so inspired by it.

    Thank you from the depths of my heart for this project and it’s transformative effect.

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    Robin Grebe

    I’ve been living with the Patra bowl for a month and a half already. I initially had a hard time finding a place for it. A place that it deserved and a place in which I could interact with it on a daily basis. Our small house has been in renovation mode for almost a year and things are piled on top of one another as it is. So I have been putting it on my ‘temporary’ computer table, which is really a chest of drawers as opposed to a desk. That is the only way I could see it every day, even though it is in jumble land. I received the bowl from my good and longest known friend, Karen, who was so generous in allowing it to leave her life. She knew I was going through a sort of mid-life,identity crisis with my artwork and hoped that it could help me see a pathway. In some ways it created a small conflict in me because the bowl is so beautiful and simple, but it reminded me of the work I used to do 20 years ago when I was full of confidence about my work. I was kind of jealous of the bowl!! Certainly not the etherial feelings that it was meant to invoke! Also, since my work has stopped selling, I have had to take another job, which is gold leaf gilding. So every time I look into the gold leafed lined bowl, instead of “emptiness/abundance” I see my job as a sign gilder! Initially, I wanted to send it to someone who could appreciate the beauty of the bowl without the complicated associations. But I thought I would keep it a while longer and try to get past these feelings of jealousy and see it as a artwork of strength, deriving what I can from it.

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    Dearest Robin! The bowl is working it’s magic with you! Keep it and contemplate. It is so meant to be with you. I wish you could go to the show when all the bowls are reunited and meet Linda. That would be amazing. Xo

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