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    Diane Fitzgerald

    Love my CAPTCHA code – 9N9S on a beautiful backdrop with great colors. No surprise…

    I’ve waited until today – Thursday, November 28, 2013 – to begin the process of sharing our bowl #62 with the second recipients because it seems like the perfect timing. Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. For us, we love that it’s based on spending time with and loving family & friends…not gifts and getting. The time we spend together, these days, is really a big deal because our time is so consumed by distracting things every day…except today! Thoughts change from the list of all the TO-DOs we have to all the things that make our lives so rich.

    Being a recipient of this patra and participant in the Patra Passage has been enriching. Lots of people have held #62 while being introduced to the conceot of the project. The booklet has been the perfect companion piece for those wanting to learn more by reading Lynda’s project description and about the logistics of shipping & receiving. Then conversations turn to getting-then-giving-away this beautiful object after a short period of time. Finally, we talk about the community of people created by participating in this “event” and what we share from the experience. I fully expect to run into someone in a most unexpected place years from now who was one of the recipients of a Patra. I can imagine that “What number was yours?” will lead off that conversation, can’t you?

    Thank you, Lynda, for imaging this and developing it to its full implementation. We love #62 but mostly we love you and being part of this!

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    Tina Isbell

    Bowl #62 arrived in our lives on an unseasonably warm, and unseasonably sad, day in late November.
    A dog is not a human. But in our circle, the difference is often negligible. And on that warm, sad day after Thanksgiving, we had to let go of one of our most beloved four-footed friends.

    Cricket was not our dog, but we often pretended otherwise. A blonde bombshell with liquid brown eyes, the softest, sweetest mouth, and a non-stop-thumping tail, Cricket was rescued by our dear friends early in their young marriage. She was their baby and tangentially ours. Cricket merrily accompanied us all on many a vacation, and loved a good romp on the beach as much as the rest of us. (Though she’s the only one who got caught pooping in the ocean….) A big talker, Cricket loved to greet you with a chorus of grunts and squeaks and mutters, as if she was just bursting to tell you about her day, her dreams or the fox in the backyard.

    When my husband and I lost our own canine baby, only Cricket’s block head in my lap could start to fill the void. And when we finally gathered ourselves and rescued another pup ourselves, Cricket immediately became her best friend and running buddy.

    So while giving thanks in that season of Thanksgiving for having had Cricket’s snuggly love in our lives, we unwrapped Bowl #62 and silently placed that gratitude inside. A candle was lit, and photos of Cricket and her family placed beneath. Well into the night and for several days, the golden glow of candlelight from #62 reminded us of how lucky we were to have loved that golden girl. Namaste, Cricket-dog.

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    Tina Isbell

    “What are you going to do with all this wine education?” It’s one of the questions I hear most these days. The answer remains, “I don’t know, but I’m having a blast learning!”

    Much more valuable than esoteric wine facts (including the soil composition of various Bordeaux vineyards, the 13 grapes allowed in Chateauneuf-de-Pape and yield restrictions in Burgundy), my certifications have brought me the most dear and delightful women friends. Long nights of notecards, blind tastings and laughing our heads off have forged a tight bond with the wine girlies. I wouldn’t trade them for all the Condrieu in France, and trust me, that’s a statement.

    So as we chase down exam #4 (February 9th, wish us luck!), bowl #62 has joined our study table. Besides containing the corks from our tastings, we’re hoping it’s holding on to some of the those esoteric facts for us (we’ll need them), as well as all the giggles and friendship that flows in our group. Here’s a photo from our last study group; we all held the bowl and put in a big pour of holiday high spirits – which were probably enhanced with some really nice Malbec.

    Sure, wine is wonderful. But it doesn’t compete with the love I have for these women.

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    Tina Isbell

    It only seemed appropriate that #62 should travel with us to Thailand – a country full of monks carrying their prayer bowls, and living every day with the idea that what they receive each in their bowl – is enough.

    Worried it wouldn’t survive the voyage, we decide to bring instead a photo of the bowl, so it could vicariously experience its spiritual home.

    Here, #62 lies in the hand of an ancient Budda, destroyed when the Burmese sacked Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam, in the 18th century.

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    Tina Isbell

    Bowl #62 with the offering bowl at a Wat in Tha Bo, Thailand – home to our dear friend Amy’s family. They extended us wonderful hospitality, and loved the concept of the Patra Passage.

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