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    We have passed our beautiful patra bowl to Aidan and Anthony Vega. We have known Aidan since she was a toddler. She is the daughter of dear, dear friends. She and Anthony are artists and also dear, dear friends. We are sure that they will be inspired by this extraordinary vessel.

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    Aidan Vega Post author

    We have spent a wonderful 3 months with the Patra and have truly enjoyed it as a presence in our living room. It has brought us good fortune. After a few weeks of having it, my husband receive a call for an interview at university for a tenure track teaching position. These jobs are hard to come by and he has been applying for many years for this opportunity. Despite a severe snow storm where most flights were canceled, he made it to his interview and then on to the final rounds. These are long processes, so we are still waiting to hear if he got the job, but the experience has been magical and we will always associate it with the vessel.

    I have to admit we felt sad to see the vessel go, but the ability to pass it on to dear friends made that sadness dissipate. We have sent it to Bobby Kelly, Robin Marcotte and their daughter Aurora. Bobby and I attended college together. He is one of the most giving and tender hearted people I know. I knew that he and his family would love to concept of your project and would be thrilled to be a part of it. And they are.

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