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    Heather English Hattrup

    When I first received Patra Vessel 66 my son was seven months old. I put the vessel on the dining table as a daily reminder to take a moment to stop what I was doing and just breathe. I’d heard that once I had my baby I wouldn’t have a single moment to myself. Eleven months after he was born that statement is close to the truth. I could have said the same thing before having my son… unless I consciously made it happen, I rarely slowed down, I usually stayed busy. There is always something, I always made there be something. The vessel was my reminder that there is nothing except the present moment and if I decided to avoid that, I would miss being present with my new son.

    After several weeks on the table I started to get used to the vessel being there and didn’t notice it as much. Without much hoopla Vessel 66 was relocated to my shrine which had been grossly neglected for some time. When my son was s brand new human being I would sit with him in front of my shrine and meditate as I held him, just a little loaf laying quietly in my arms. As the months passed my practice dwindled as he began learning new life tricks such as rolling over, having his own opinion, arching his back when my wants didn’t match his needs, and eventually crawling. He started crawling during the vessel’s stay at our home in Boulder. This made for an interesting rearrangement of our shrine.

    #1 is the before crawling (bc) picture of the shrine

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    Heather English Hattrup

    #4 voilĂ ! A reflection of what my mind looks like when I’m not present.

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