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    Michael Oren Post author

    It had been a difficult month with a lot of uncertainty and change involved in my life. So when the beautiful box arrived with the patra vessel, I felt I had to wait for an appropriate moment of reflection to open it with the presence it deserved (for me this was an event…not to be opened in the cacophony of kids, dogs, and the daily discord of life). I imagined that somehow this vessel was an affirmation of the changes and difficult life choices I had made recently and it’s wholeness and emptiness could be where I released some of my uncertainty and stress.
    As I opened it, despite the meticulous packaging and care that had been taken, the vessel was broken and the emotional weight of this hit me more than I anticipated. It felt like a sign and not the one I wanted to see. After 5 minutes though my perspective changed, this vessel wasn’t broken it just was not yet finished and its journey required my touch. It required me to actively be part of its entity. The superglue quickly came out, the pieces we carefully glued together and the vessel became whole.
    So within my first hour, I felt this intimate connection and identified with a quote on the website….”Images and objects are both what we see and how we see them. They span the divide between the outer world of concrete forms and inexpressible inner realities, matter and spirit, emptiness and fullness, self and other. The Patra vessels engage this dialectic of non-duality.”
    The vessel came to me broken and it forced a different internal dialogue to take place. Let your vessel speak to you and use it as a point of reflection. You might be surprised with the reflection and inner dialogue that occurs if you take the time.
    I’m thankful and blessed to be part of this experience.

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    Amie Oren

    Here are a few photos of our family with our vessel. We have thoroughly enjoyed it’s existence for the past few months. In these pictures we are preparing to say goodbye to Patra 068.

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    Donna Stjerna


    How lovely! I love seeing your children holding the bowl. I will receive my bowl on New Year’s Eve day and until then I will read a different posting each day to become immersed in the journey before it even arrives. Yours is the first one I’ve read. Thanks for sharing, especially the photos.


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    Helene Cella

    Hello Michael,
    I loved reading your response when opening Patra #68. Have enjoyed reading the reactions, feelings and insight so many of the participants have had which these vessels have prompted. Lynda’s talent and vision are amazing. She is amazing. I particularly appreciated reading of your ability to view the broken vessel as opportunity and allowing it to become your connection to its path. New perspective: ”Images and objects are both what we see and how we see them.”

    I have only recently become aware of two ancient terms that now fascinate me. Kintuskuro and wabi-sabi.
    Kintsukuroi (v. phr.) “to repair with gold”; (n.) the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

    Wabi-sabi…a concept, and aesthetic, and a worldview. Simply an intuitive way of living that emphasizes finding beauty in imperfection, and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay.

    Thank goodness for all of that since these vessels of ours (bodies included) fall apart and the natural wearing allows us to age gracefully and beautifully.
    I especially loved seeing the family photos. Thank you for sharing. They are lovely. It’s been a long time since we last saw you. Best to you and yours in this new year.

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    Evan Armington

    Our patra vessel arrived nearly four months ago- beautiful and complex, a blessing to our home. The vessel turned out to be a harbinger for another blessing to our home- our first child. In the months since its arrival, the patra vessel often provoked thoughts on the parallels between the vast potential represented by the empty vessel and the potential of a new child. In and of themselves they are beautiful and meaningful but what is put into them (so to speak) helps to shape and define their function and significance. Our time with the patra vessel has been a true blessing, filled with introspection. We look forward to sharing the vessel with Tim and Cherie Heely who can appreciate its beauty in much the same way that we hope to be able to share the beauty of our child with others in the future.

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    Catherine and Evan Armington

    Upon learning the sex of our new child, we made an interesting discovery… On the base for our Patra vessel, can you see what we see?

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    Michelle Labbe

    I’ve had No. 68 for one month, and since having it with me for my meditations, prayers, and gratitude thoughts, it has brought me to a place of centering, or grounding. I love the idea that it always “full” all the time. Full of our thoughts, presence, and gifts. I love the thought that each bowl is a vessel for our soul, half in and half out. My friend does a fundraiser for the homeless and hungry at the high school where teaches Art. In two events, the participants create a bowl at the first event. At the second event, the participants share the experience of the bowls at an ice cream social. At the social, participants are invited to purchase the bowl they made (or another that they like), or simply leave the bowl to be donated to a local food shelter. I feel that each bowl that is made does serve as a representation of our basic human connection to each other and to the earth. I’m blessed to have had this patra bowl during its journey, adding to my own journey in a special way.

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