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    georgiana nehl

    My bowl, lovely 75, chose to sit on the front glass shelf with many tall cacti towering over it, like protectors. The couch before this shelf, the shelf before our large picture windows facing south, is my morning place. I sit every morning, dark or light, with my tea, and move my body and my psyche into the day and what it will unfold. My beautiful vessel sits, filled with gold, catching the light. When I hold it and turn it it reveals the contrast between its raw earthen exterior and its gilded insides. I love this duality.
    Every morning I have taken a small slip of paper and written the day and what my events of the day are likely to be. Then I have asked my bowl to speak to how I can best be present. I have written these few words of guidance on the slip, folded it and carried it with me in my pocket all day. Referring to it if I forget or need a tad of centering. This has become a very dear way of touching-in before entry of my busy-ness of doing.
    I have also felt the call to work with the images I saw and felt looking down into its interior, so my bowl has accompanied me to the studio, and many golden circles have begun to emerge. Yes, Lynda…. circles. (smile).
    I feel such a fondness and connection to its apparent simplicity and elegance, simultaneously. Surrounded by mysterious writing and glyphs that are deeply familar.
    Deep gratitude to you Lynda, for beginning this stream for us all.

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    Georgiana Nehl

    In getting ready to pass my lovely bowl (75) to dear friend Tess, tomorrow, I recall the many-many mornings that I have spent in its (her) company.
    My sweet vessel still sits, this last day, on the glass shelves at the large south window of our living room. If there is sun, it arrives fully through this glass pane to shine in her (my bowl’s) belly – lighting up the gold and silver gilding that fills her. So she has become, on our many unusual (this year) sunny winter days full –FULL– of shine.

    The name, her name, she has whispered to me is Aurora (who is the Goddess of Dawn). Although to Tess, and those who receive her after that, she may whisper another. I suspect, that like my several cats, she may have several names, depending.

    For many of these days as I sat with her in the early morning, cup of tea in hand, I wrote a bit of “received” message to carry in my pocket –

    Be Watchful, Keep Moving, Notice Shifts (as the light flickered within her)
    Be Steady (as the light held)
    Be Comforted, Watch for Light and Bright (as I arose before the sun was out)
    Do, but without Panic (the glow is always inside, whether the sun is shining or not)
    Begin Again (the light is catching on the rim)

    – are just a few of the many.

    This nearly daily practice has had the effect of settling me for the day. Carrying the simple little slip of paper with her words helped me remember to Receive, to take in without fear of “how much” or “how quickly” things may be occurring. To remember “that there is “enough”.
    Thank you, Lynda, for setting that tone and intention with this project as a whole.

    In the studio, over this time, I have also created 5 small simple paintings of golden and of circles (my bowl from above). I will post these soon, needing to photograph them so that they will read on screen. More may come after she leaves, as her image is embedded in my mind’s eye.

    I carry such deep gratitude to Lynda and to all of you, all of us, participating and touched by this project. It is wonderful to begin to feel and see the map of the strings of where our bowls’ journeys are connecting us all.


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