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    Hope Turner Post author

    Our Patra vessel arrived early October. To launch the journey of the vessel we gathered our family around the box , told them the origin of the Patra Passage and curiously peered into the box. The moment and the patra were precious.

    As expected the first responses reflected the physical beauty and craftsmanship of the vessel. We spoke of the aura, history and spirituality of the empty handmade shape. Information about the use of the vessel in our lives and in other cultures was shared.

    One person fondly remembered stories by the missionary nun in his family. Another person reflected on her experience firing raku pots in her high school art class. Another young granddaughter thought we could collect fairy dust in it. Her little brother thought the vessel should be placed outside for a bird to use as a nest. Another grandson noticed the vessel had geometry symbols and wondered why. I know the vessel will continue to generate fantasy, thoughts and ideas of practical usage.

    Our Patra will be displayed in the most visible and active area in our kitchen. Family and friends gather in this one spot. I know the vessel will be a catalyst for creative stories, thoughts and memories. I cherish being a participant in the Patra Passage journey.

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    Jackie Keshian Post author

    I am very pleased to participate in the Patra Passage. The bowl is sitting on a table which we walk by regularly in our daily activities. Looking at it frequently throughout the day reminds me to think of the significance of the vessel and it briefly sparks a spiritual feeling which is hard to define . In any event , I like having it and I am always surprised to see that there is something new or something of meaning in the bowl. My husband is participating. I have three grandchildren, 12. 10. And 8. The 8 year old is the most interested, and asks questions..Of course, if the bowl has anything that is sweet, she is very interested.
    When Hope brought the bowl to my house, we had a meaningful exchange and we didn’t realize it until several hours later. It will be a valuable journey, I’m sure.

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    Jackie Keshian Post author

    I can hardly believe it is getting near the time for me to pass on the Patra vessel which has been sitting in a significant place in my home.
    I would like to share one experience which occurred on a miserable cold, snowy night in February. I called a neighbor and said I had a nice bottle of wine, and that neighbor called a few others. Before long there were nine of us sitting at a table with soup, bread, cheese, and wine. The Patra vessel was close to where I was sitting. At a low point in the conversation I reached for it and said that I wanted to tell everyone about the beautiful bowl. On this night the bowl contained two small slips of paper with the names of people who were struggling with serious illness. I passed the bowl and booklet around, and each person had a chance to look into the bowl, hold it, and read the accompanying booklet. The dinner conversation changed to “sharing and giving away”. We talked about generosity, gratitude, being gracious, and empathetic, and including humor in these acts when possible and appropriate. It was a memorable night and the bowl was the vehicle for serious conversation . As everyone was leaving, I had the feeling that the evening turned out to be much more than sharing a bottle of wine on a snowy evening.

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