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    Delong and Phillips Post author

    Second recipients Deb and David Delong receiving the vessel from Mike and Chantelle Phillips

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    Paul Reeves

    Patra Mamma,
    This sojourn began with an airhead, Paul. We had several adventures together over the last several months. We began being cube mates at his work. I sat on a shelf above his desk and was satisfied to just watch over him for some time. We learned to communicate one day, in a most peculiar fashion. One day he held me in his damaged left hand, I could feel tension and apprehension. I know he does not have any feeling in the hand, but I could feel the connection and soon he started to relax, and grasp me gently. It was this moment that we learned to communicate.
    Our first out of office experiences included several cross state trips for the air heads work, but there were some fun leisure adventures as well. I kinda like the desert, there is a serenity and peace there. We took several bike rides, one in which I was able to feel the magnificent power of Tumwater Falls. I got a few rides in a kayak! I even had my own personal floatation device, it was a waterproof plastic box so everything had a weird blue tint to it. Kayaking is fun, as we paddled around the lakes we communicated about how lakes are made, and some of their dangers. I thought of myself as an unfilled lake. I am what I am, but if I make a few small changes, I can be even more than I thought I was. I was allowed to float in the shallow area (where I could still touch bottom if I sank). What a transcendental experience! I felt free and weightless, but my internal spaces were filled with an ethereal glow and I felt like I was riding on gossamer wings.
    We visited a “Gypsy Lady” (self-proclaimed) on the Olympic Peninsula. She lived in this cool hippie converted school bus. We all sat around the campfire, roasted vegetables, and talked about their time in high school, so long ago and so far away. They have known each other a long time. When they were young the lady lost her left eye in a car crash. The reunion was the first time the airhead had seen her with two fully functional eyes in over 30 years. This human asked to take me camping and the airhead agreed as long as I was returned.
    Oh, I should probably explain why he’s called an airhead. He drives a Yellow 1973 VW Thing that he and his Dad restored. It has no top, no windows and I could soak up the sky just sitting in the passenger’s seat. We drove around often, and met a lot of very nice humans and pets. Most of them thought I was cute, but I won’t go there. It does feel very nice to be held by someone that cares.
    I should probably tell you about another friend that I met along the way. We met at the airhead’s house where he has many little stone, and plant friends. Tiger and I met on a sunny Sunday morning. All three of us just felt it was a good fit and the airhead decided to give me company for times when I am alone and in the dark. We kinda look alike. Tiger has lovely bands of yellow-golden color through her. She is a powerful stone that aids in harmony and balance, and helps you to release fear and anxiety. She also stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. Traditionally carried as an amulet against curses or ill wishing, and is known to give you courage, self-confidence and strength of will. It enhances creativity and is one of the stones that aid kundalini awakening. I don’t have a neck so an amulet does not work, so I cradle my friend in the heart of me where we help each other remember that with loving friends we can all be more than what we may have thought we were “deserving” of.
    Peace, happiness, courage, love, tranquility and wisdom. Namaste.
    Patra #89 – or Your Holiness as the airhead has been calling me. I hope he is not just making fun of me being topless, I only have a hole on one side!

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