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    Lynda Lowe Post author

    I thought you’d enjoy seeing a few of the photos from our day with Patra 94 at Round Rocks beach

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    Really, those wonderfully round forms seemed transformed by the vessel. Like eggs about to be birthed… like special foods ready to be shared… but mostly, to me, something filled with exquisitely hand-made chocolate.
    In a dream.
    Fabulous pictures!!!

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    donna witmer

    Morning rituals for me include contemplative time at my desk. Recently, I moved Patra 094 to a solo position on the shelf of my desk, near the window – a transitional space between inside & outside. The vessel is in visual dialogue with these seemingly separate spaces and as I sit here working with the daily details of life – the mundane, the inspired, the required details – I find the presence of this vessel informs my process. The concept that there is enough for the day…the cycles of giving & receiving…the myriad of ways we experience emptiness & fullness…these are intrinsic to the work of the day. Last week I was writing some thoughts on a rather significant decision that I am in the process of making. I was writing lists & diagrams & struggling with overwhelming details – pages of them – then, after gazing into the glowing golden belly of the vessel, I simply wrote:

    hold this question
    in your empty hands
    an awkward fledgling
    in a moment between
    and flight

    with deep gratitude…

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    Donna Stjerna

    Greetings Donna,

    I was touched by the round spheres in your bowl! Natural round stones are hard to come by. My husband and I have the Ozark Ball Museum with over 2,000 spheres from our travels and we most treasure NATURALLY formed balls and balls with STORIES. These have BOTH! I will be honored to receive bowl #26 on New Years Eve and if you are willing and able, I would adore having one of those small balls to place in my bowl to connect #94 with #26 and then it would become a permanent part of our museum to share with people about the Patra Passage! Warmth to you this Solstice Season. Donna (also)

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