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    Shoko Sasaki Post author

    I was the first recipient of this beautiful vessel and am so pleased that on June 6 it was passed to the third recipient Cecilia Blomberg (what a relief and joy to know it went to another wonderful person!). This ceremonial gathering took place at Jorji Swain’s home (the second recipient) facing majestic, enormous Mount Rainier. We three were so excited and honored to have Lynda Lowe, the creator of our Patra Passage, join us despite her loaded work schedule for the day, and her warm presence made the occasion very special. Throughout the afternoon I noticed myself whispering to our vessel, “Thank you”!

    My experience of having and being with the vessel was more complex and deeper than I had initially anticipated. What I want to share with fellow participants is that it gave me countless opportunities to observe myself, discover a new dimension of myself and more willingly accept myself as what I am. This process of my self-discovery still continues with an image of the vessel, even though it no longer is with me and what I learn about myself helps expand the scope of my life—this is both fascinating and intriguing to me. I am grateful that it is happening now, in the so-called twilight period of my life.

    Another of my discoveries was that my life has been skewed toward “giving” since I have always worked in a profession in the field of education/psychology. All of a sudden, through participating in Patra Passage, “receiving” became very meaningful and important to me, and consequently I became more willing to receive with much more appreciation and joy. Now I am at peace with myself since giving and receiving are in a balanced cycle. My sincere gratitude to vessel 98 and its most gifted creator!

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    Shoko Sasaki Post author

    Three happy recipients (from left): Jorji Swain (2nd), Cecilia Bloomberg (3rd) and Shoko Sasaki (1st)

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