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    Joan Hunter

    I have been living with exquisite Patra 104 for one month. It has occupied various places of honor in my kitchen, where most daily activity occurs. The object has brought a spiritual element to the space, affecting how I think about meal preparation – giving and receiving. It is a source of peaceful meditation.
    Handling the bowl feels like part of a sacred ritual, especially now that I have seen the video showing the patra formed by Lynda’s hands, carefully glazed, fired in smoke outdoors, and decorated with gilt and embellishments. The patra feels imbued with Lynda’s spirit and grace.
    I will be passing Patra 104 next week, so I will spend the next several days in gratitude for the amazing opportunity to participate in this project.

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    Joan Hunter

    I was very happy to pass Patra 104 to a special friend on Sunday, and so begins the next step of the journey. It was a wonderful experience receiving the vessel, but it was even more gratifying giving it away!

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    Jo Ellen Harrison Post author

    The most meaningful element of the Patra experience was the PASSAGE.

    Joan Hunter presented me with vessel #104; it was an instance where the PASSING along of a cherished item (she and I are both entering minimalist phases) takes on more meaning because of the opportunity to enjoy the thoughts of who and when we will pass the gift to. Joan and I have been spiritually aligned for years.

    For months, I used the vessel in my morning meditation process, lighting white sage to clear the space and allowing it to burn out in the vessel, which often held the burning herb, a spire of smoke slowly ascending into the room. I loved the relationship of the process of burning with the glazed clay, itself once fired.

    I PASSED the vessel along to my dear friend Terry, also involved in spiritual ritual and transformation. It was as special to be the giver as it was to be the receiver. It felt like an annoiting of our friendship; a confirmation of the closeness of our connection.

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