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    Joyce Gehl

    I’ve been very quiet with my patra vessel. My vision when I received this beautiful gift was to document our journey through photographs and prose. I had planned a very joyful and public communion between my patra, my friends and my family. But things turned out very different. I thought that my inability to share my experience would be seen as a lack of interest; that my non-involvement in the patra community would reveal a fraud. In shame, I tucked the vessel away in it’s box. She slept entombed for the entire visit. Until now.

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    Joyce Gehl

    Now, in retrospect, I think I must have placed too much importance on my interaction with this beautiful work of art. It became so precious in my mind that any move on my part seemed trivial. I considered quickly parting with it so that someone smarter, deeper and more creative could share a more profound experience. But even giving the vessel away carried too much weight for me to act. So instead, I ignored it. The cardboard box remained on my desk, next to the computer that I work on for hours every single day. You would think this would be a constant reminder of my failure, but over time, it disappeared into the clutter. And. I forgot about it.

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    Joyce Gehl

    My mother died on December 7th. It hasn’t been an easy transition for me. Although I have been blanketed in the warmth and love of friends and family, I have an emptiness inside. In a moment of despair, my eyes turned to the plain brown box. I opened it, removed the inner coffin, loosened the binds, lifted out and untied the silk wrap to reveal the bowl. It was cold. Not certain what I was looking for, I turned it over and over in my hands. It felt smooth and imperfect. I placed the bowl on my studio floor marred by wax-encased dirt and paint and dog hair. From this new vantage point, with the vessel laying in a place of seeming disrespect, I saw a remarkable light beaming at me from within the bowl. The refraction of light against the gold leaf startled me. And I began to cry.

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    Joyce Gehl

    My instinctive reaction was to shut my eyes from the glare. But instead, I stayed focused on the bowl.

    The patra vessel resides within the clutter of my work area. There it will remain free of the box until the day it continues the journey. There is something uplifting about this beautiful thing glowing amidst the debris of my everyday life. It is a beacon of light and beauty. A close friend.

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    anne lancaster

    jan 22 2014 patra 105
    Wednesday morning, seated surrounded by “seeds of possibilities” in the seattle community artists program showroom, my dear friend joyce gehl gifted me patra 105. Her story with the bowl was sweet, soulful, authentic, warm, touching and personal. I felt blessed and honored to be chosen to participate in this journey of “giving and receiving”. Hafiz – is one of my favorite poets. In his book – “the gift” – his poem, You’re it, came to mind. It reads as follows:

    As a myriad things and
    Playing a game
    of tag

    Has kissed you and said
    “You’re it—-

    I mean, you’re Really IT!”

    It does not matter

    What you believe or feel

    For something wonderful,

    Major-league Wonderful
    Is someday going


    That day was Wednesday- January 22, 2014 when my dear friend Joyce Gehl gifted me patra 105.

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    Dianne Dickerson

    And I am the third to be gifted with this lovely vessel. It is a delight to share space with her and let her beauties unfold. The colors, geometries and patterns are so beautiful and I see something new when ever I look. I hope to soften my edges and relax into receiving as a result of my time with Patra 105.

    Thank you, Anne for including me in this wonderful project.

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    Dianne Dickerson Post author

    The Patra is teaching me about receiving, she sits on my desk open and ready, no agenda, just available – reminding me to receive my good.

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