Enough for the day: the passage begins

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Patra send off3 The Museum of Glass send-off September 28, 2013.  The PatraPassage begins its journey with you.


The launch was a wonderful event for me, truly a lifetime highlight. We had about 100 participants and guests who made a real effort to brave the elements on an intensely stormy night to share time together at the Museum of Glass. All 108 vessels and their paintings were perched atop 10 beautiful narrow wooden benches from Indonesia. Each participant chose a number at random that corresponded to their Patra vessel, so the selection was a surprise. The same process was used for those shipped to participants who couldn’t attend.

Some of my favorite moments from the Patra Passage launch were:

  • Looking out upon the gathering of my friends and family
  • Watching pockets of conversation form – enjoying reunions and introductions.
  • Seeing participants discover and then take ownership of their vessels. Everyone seemed to welcome handling the bowls.
  • The emotionally charged and heartfelt comments of recipients.
  • The beautiful performance of the packers as they repetitiously wrapped vessels in silk and into their presentation boxes for departure.

That night before I went to sleep, I was physically aware of the many times I shared meaningful eye contact, been held, hugged, petted, and touched. Everyone’s care was pulsing through my body – I felt positively incandescent with that joined energy.

Thank you Museum of Glass for hosting this fantastic event and giving the Patra Passage the opportunity to be associated with such a first class museum: Susan Warner, director; David Francis, curator; John Ferguson, events manager; Derek Klein, filmmaker; assisting MoG staff, Jacob, Sarah, Susan, Amber, Michelle, and Katie; and all the others who made the experience run seamlessly.My deep appreciation goes out to all my volunteers, contributors, and donors to this collaboration of the heart.

If you haven’t viewed Derek Klein’s 6 minute video of Patra Passage part 1, please check it out by clicking here: ABOUT

“The gift within the gift involved the opening of an inner eye that changed how I looked at life.”

- MICHAEL MEADE, Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul

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