Endings and Beginnings


Dear Patra Passage participants and all those who have been part of the Passage in one way or another,

If there is something like an ending for the Patra Passage project, this may be it. Though endings and beginnings appear more circular than linear to me, and in that way I trust some resonance continues.

The Museum of Glass exhibition concluded in May, the purchased vessels have been delivered to their various new homes and the sales proceeds have been donated to good causes. We were able to donate $20,000 to Save the Children and $20,000  to the Museum of Glass, and additionally gave a few smaller contributions to worthy organizations that make a positive impact in the world.

I can never easily gauge the effect of my work as an artist on those who encounter it. But I can speak with gratitude to the impact and insight that the many encounters with you have had on me, in whatever form that occurred or way it happened. Thank you all for participating in this giving-receiving cycle: for your many emails, postings, notes, photographs, expressions shared, and glimpses into your lives through the travels of these vessels.

I believe that the early inception for the Patra Passage began when traveling in 2000 through Tibet. It seems fitting that as this project concludes, it bookends with another trip of similar dynamic through the Himalayas to Ladakh. I leave in a few days, and who knows what new experience will manifest into form somewhere down the road? The studio is cleaned up, the walls and tables cleared again, some blank pages are open and so am I!

I hope our paths continue to cross.

With appreciation and anticipation for what lies ahead,


Photograph copyrighted by Rosanne Olson.














Lynda Lowe  (photo credit: Rosanne Olson)

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