The Basics
  1. When you receive a vessel, email us your name, email, home address, phone, and date received
  2. Keep all shipping materials for re-use
  3. When you give the vessel, email us the information of your chosen recipient and date given
  4. Interact with the 108 Patra Vessels webpage using your vessel’s number to offer commentary on your experience

Whether you are the first or the last person during this vessel’s passage, the initial moment of accepting the gift is when your journey begins. Mark this moment in a simple way that acknowledges the initiation of your relationship with the vessel and the experience it offers during its time with you. Allow the consideration of who should receive the vessel after you to remain a bit of a mystery as you enter into the passage. Once you’ve had it for a while, it may become clear where it should go next.

Within this earthen vessel are bowers and groves, and within it is the Creator:
Within this vessel are the seven oceans and the unnumbered stars.
The touchstone and the jewel-appraiser are within;
And within this vessel the Eternal soundeth, and the spring wells up.
–Kabir (1398-1448, Uttar Pradesh, India)


Living with the Patra Vessel

The vessel is on a particular journey that might open you to new ideas if you perceive and engage with it as more than an inert art object.
Any object becomes one kind of property or another depending upon how we use it. It is what we make of it.
The way we treat a thing can sometimes change its nature.–Lewis Hyde

Here are some suggestions for how you might use it. We look forward to your added suggestions on this site:

  • Take some time to sense where the Patra Vessel should be placed.
  • When you place it, honor where it has come from and your acceptance of the gift.
  • Sit or meditate with it for a while considering the journey it has been on before and during its shaping into a bowl, and the people and path that brought it to your hands now.
  • Hold the bowl and feel the form, weight, and surfaces with your eyes closed.
  • Locate the Patra near an epicenter of your daily routine or work environment and use it as a touchstone when you see it to be thankful for the offerings of the day or aware of that particular present moment.
  • Take the vessel on a walk or on a trip. Locate a place of interest, beauty, or devastation and use the vessel to offer something to the site. Take a photo or remember a specific impression that you will link with it.
  • Lay a small object in the vessel that acts as an artifact, reminder, or intent for your experience that day.
  • Fill it with traditional offerings of grain or rice.
  • Burn a small poem or prayer written on paper in it and carefully collect the ashes in a small envelope to be kept with the bowl.
  • Use the vessel as a meditative focus. Consider emptiness and fullness in a new way.
  • Place in it the names or photos of those in your life who are suffering and to whom you want to extend healing and your love.
  • Imagine, journal, or invent the other life stories witnessed by this Patra in its travels.
  • Use it communally as a centering object into which you symbolically place meaningful stories of personal passage.

Please contribute your thoughts and experiences on this website.

We join spokes together in a wheel, but it is the center hole that makes the wagon move.
We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want
We hammer wood for a house, but it is the inner space that makes it livable
We work with being, but non-being is what we use.
–Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell


Giving – Releasing the Vessel to Another Recipient

When you know where the Patra will travel next, create a meaningful manner of offering the vessel to your chosen recipient and tell them why you’re giving them the Patra. Perhaps take a photo or video of the exchange. Please direct the next receiver to the website for more information. If you are the last participant in the passage cycle, you will be notified to send it back to the Museum of Glass by September 28, 2014. Your giving it back completes the circle.



The lives of sentient beings are like clay pots destined to break sooner or later.

–Buddhist Proverb

This is a practice we all experience as we let go, accept the moment for what it is, and believe now is enough. Letting be and holding lightly brings its own rewards. This also applies if a Patra vessel breaks. Of course we hope this doesn’t happen, but we understand. If you choose to place value in the fragments, feel free to gift these to someone else. Even broken pieces have a story. Or send it back to Lynda Lowe and it will be repaired or replaced. Contact us by email and we’ll assist.

Names of the Patra Passage Participants (listed alphabetically)


Vicki Adams and Tom Amerose 71
Suzanne Anderson 69
Karl and Christine Anderson 43
Joyce Arntson 22
Juan and Linda Azorit 61
Jim and Barb Barnyak 72
Scott Becker 79
Lauren Benson and Anna Thompson 92
Ken and Karen Bergren 93
Allison Black and Jeff Goldberg 78
Ann Marie Borys and Daniel Freidman 63
Mark Brooks and Michelle Barbito Brooks 3
Corky and Laird Brown 87
Ana Maria Canchis 14
Susan Cannon 42
Michaela and Kurt Carlson 49
Kay Cogan and Brian Cunningham 101
Dick Cogswell and Ester Saunoras 66
Phyllis Cole-Dai 70
Phil Cousineau 20
Ann and Peter Darling 37
Doug Dawson 52
Connie Lord Devendorf 33
Kit Evans 31
Diane Fitzgerald and Burt Richmond 62
Larry Fodor 36
Ania Forre 82
David Francis 5
Andria Friesen 26
Joyce Gehl 105
Alan Grant 51
Susan Grover 11
Charlotte Guyman STCV
McKeel and Soon Hagerty 45
Susie Russell Hall and Dale Hall 46
Margaret Hawkins 59
Tom and Anne Marie Hedges 15
Joseph Heithaus 100
Hunter Hoffman 28
Karen Hudesman and Don Stark 48
Joan and Jim Hunter 104
Rock Hushka 106
Lewis Hyde 10
Dan Ishler 32
Glenn Janss 53
Iskra Johnson 40
Kristin Johnson 97
Richard Kehl and Susan Cedervall 108
Judith Kindler 16
Barry, Ann, and Pauline Kleban 65
Derek Klein 6
Jacek Lerych AV
Gwen Lowery and Eric Hawley 76
David Madeira 4
Bob and Erica Mason 67
Lynette Martin 19
Gary May and Veronica King 84
Donna and Corry McFarland 102
Nipun Mehta 24
Gloria and Paul Miller 86
Dick and Marcia Moe 74
PL and Kurt Mondloch 58
Shelly Kapfhammer and Steve Morefield 55
Georgiana Nehl 75
Diane Nini 39
Annie and Steve Norman 18
Valerie O’Shea 17
Leah Oren 2 & 47
Michael and Amie Oren 68
Reid and Emma Ozaki 90
Mike and Chantelle Phillips 89
Terri Palcentia 57
David Robbins and Ann Kumasaka 7
CR Roberts 91
Patricia Rovzar 50
Shoko and Yuji Sasaki 98
Steve and Zana Scheele 44
Cathy Schwindt 12
Ann and Irwin Sentilles 103
Gail Severn 1
Kit and Gary Severson 9
Paula, Herb and Chloe Simon 25
Zola Solamente 23
Lynn and Kathy Sommers 30
Doris and Len Souchek 64
Julie Speidel and Joe Henke 38
Janet and Peter Stanley 35
Anita Stauffer 107
Tina Rainwater Strode 13
Ron and Mary Thomas 73
Susan Tillett 77
Pamela Transue and Stuart Grover 27
Richard Treat 99
Hope Turner 83
Janeanne Upp and Dale Meyer 96
Bryan VanDragt 8
Nance VanWinkle 41
Judy Wagonfeld 95
Susan Warner 34
Del Webber 29
Melissa Weinmann 56
Leilee and Damion Weyerhaeuser 81
Bill and Gail Weyerhaeuser 54
David Whyte 80
Jamie and Sally Will 21
Donna Witmer 94
Greg Wolfe 85
Jon Wood 88
Deanna Yabe 60

Gregg Chadwick 20
Satie Airame 102
John Allen 51
Judith Allen 63
Evan and Catherine Armington 68
David Kimball Anderson 36
Carol Ann Bauer 32
Kealy Baughman 12
Mark Bennion 38
Arturo and Dolores Biblarz 89
Laverne Bohlin 33
Nicole and Jacques Boiroux 15
James Bottorff 87
Jennifer Boyden 41
Jessica Broitman 81
Anne Buck 22
Jeanette Buiza 14
Nancy Bush 52
Jeannie Butler 25
Lauralee Cederlund 74
Becky and Jim Clarke 12
Kazumi Divens-Cogez 90
Amy Darling 37
Gary Darmstadt STCV
Roisin deBuitlear 19
Debbie and David Delong 89
Leslie Dinga 78
LaVonne Dorsey 48
Nancy Dwight 95
Susie Duffy 64
Ida Estrada 14
Arlo Emerson 91
Christopher Ezzell and Nadine Edelstein 71
Wendi Fein 97
John Ferguson AV
Robbi Firestone 49
Jeremy Forbes 28
Teena Garay 86
Mavis Gehant 70
Myra Gold 5
Diana Gourguechon 77
Kristen Graham 16
Dianne Grob and Richard Chadek 69
Leah Hair 7
Pat and Roger Hansen 30
Jo Ellen Harrison 104
Laurie Harville 18
Heather English Hattrup 66
Brad and Krista Harris 29
Suzanne Hazlett 16
Kathryn Heltsley 85
Marion Hogan 31
Kayce and Bill Hughlett 50
Tina and Tal Isbel 62
Carley Kahn 9
Jackie Keshian 83
Roger Knudson 79
Norman Laliberte 108
Russ and Sidne Lamb 21
Anne Lancaster 105
Brian Lang 72
David and Karen LaPointe 44
Kristin Lear 11
Joanna Macy 80
Siobhan Mangini 54
Christine Martinez 61
Bryan and Ikbal May 84
Pavi and Viral Metha 24
Sharon Moffitt 8
William Morris 39
Cyndi Moss 101
Rosanne Olson 40
Martin Price 92
Barbara Rainwater 13
LeAna Reising AV
Douglas Reynolds 76
Jenny Rickard 73
Ashley Riggs 23
Greg Robinson 88
Martha Robison 107
Candida Romanelli 4
Darlene Rompogren 27
John Rumple 100
Marva Russell 46
Mary Schiendler 55
Jenn Schmitt 67
Charlie Schneider 2
Anna Schuleit 10
Karen Seinfeld 43
Sarah Sentilles and Eric Toshalis 103
Gail Severn 53
Caryl Sherpa 6
Gail Sieckman 106
Joanna Sikes 34
Joan Skalabrin 58
Lorna and Clint Sly 45
Evan Stanley 35
Neil Stannard 99
Donna Stjerna 26
Ruby Smith 57
Ann Starr 59
Jorja and Dan Swain 98
Katie Teague 42
Janeth Trowbridge 56
Jeremy and Christine Tryba 47
Josie Emmons Turner and Bill Turner 3
Hans and Marian van den Houten 96
Tess Vanderkin 75
Aidan and Anthony Vega 65
Kevin Weber 17
Mary Wilson 1
Barbara Whorton 60

Karen Ancas 61
Robin Angus 100
Hillary Augustine 50
Hayley Barker 103
Anita Barrows 80
Nola Benita 31
Libby Hoagland Berridge 75
Wyn Bielaska 34
Pearl Bjodstrup 18
Thalia Morales Blancas 14
Cecelia Bloomberg 98
David Brosnahan 51
Bobbie Brown 33
Johnna Brown 41
Harry Clark and Heather Logan 45
Tim Carr 100
Eva Darling 37
Lisa Davis and Nic Villereal 93
Jill Degoede 64
Caroline Deck 78
Dianne Dickerson 105
Rosemary Eckerson 90
Bekah Fleming 57
Lea Flocchini 1
Debra Fritts 108
Eileen Gardner 107
Sylvie and Norbert Gaillard 15
Angela Giaever 11
Paola Gianturco 97
Kathy Gibson 66
Noble Golden and Tim Mauk 29
Marie Gosch 44
Cindy Gosnell 39
Alexis Gourguechon 77
Dianne Grob 69
Mikkel Aaland 20
Floren Harper 55
Tim and Cherie Heely 68
Geri Herbert 53
Luis Hernandez 52
Rebecca Hernandez 47
Abby Houston 22
Marianna Houston 36
Faith Hyde 83
Deborah Jacobs 4
Kristin Johnson 46
James Jordan and Barbara Brault 87
Marshall Kaufman 48
Betty Grace Laney 85
Bobby Kelly and Robin Marcotte 65
Elizabeth Archer Krause 56
David and Elizabeth Madeira 13
Delphine Mangini 54
Shelley Washburne Masar 59
Micheal and Amy May 84
Anna Matysik 18
Joanna McClure 17
Jane Milosch 60
Maggie Mittuch 73
Mona Moffitt 68
Mary Moreno 86
David Myka and Kim Miller 91
Kelly Nelson 62
Judy Olsen 106
David Oot STCV
Jeanne Philip 19
Paul Reeves 89
LeAna Reising AV
Marie Riggs 23
Earl Robinson 72
Joan and Geoff Rutkowski 99
Nicole Seisler 2
Elin Severson 9
Paul and Tracy Shelowitz 82
Terri Skalabrin 58
Catherine and David Skinner 49
Brenda Sorensen #5
Melanie Kirk Staufer 74
Susan Stephens 70
Mary Szabat 63
Alice Thornton 6
Christopher Tregilges 76
Bill and Sarah Traver 38
Andrew van den Houten and Kristen Bardwil 96
Terry Welch and Steve Shanaman 7
Julie Tewksbury 32
Joui Tourandot 102
Nathan Trachimowicz 10
Sheela Ursal 24
Jenna Ward 42
Gail Watters 27
Alix Wilber 67
Bob and Jeri Williams 30
Jude Winchester 92
Cindy Wiseman 26
Leslie Wu 71
Stephanie Zieger 25

Dulcey Bean 64
Annie Belden 17
Donna Benaroya 99
Frank Biancalana and Susan Cox 77
Barb Boyle 106
Leslie Brown 66
Delaney Butler 90
Erin Byrne 20
Antonio Canchis 14
Shannon Daley 34
Andrea Darling 37
Milly Drake 25
Robin Grebe 61
Antonia Greene and Rob Snyder 69
Pat Hansen 38
Larry Habegger 20
Andrea Heitt 37
Chantelle Hoagland 59
Meg Holgate and Bruce Bradburn 1
Annie and Andy Houston 36
Kate Hughes 60
Dana Illo 7
Dana Johnson 46
Anne Kennedy 63
Lorraine Klabunde 33
Michelle Labbe 68
Ellida Lathrop 74
Vickie O’Gara 21
Robyn Leone 58
Ines Lovinello 70
Rick Lowe AV
Lark and Larry Miller 45
Elissa Papendick 47
Carol Peringer 5
Yasmine Rafii and Bob McGrath 29
Claire Ritchie 2
Malia Rives Smith 73
Nithya Ruff 24
Marcie Shannon 90
Margaret Shelton 41
Aki Shiratori 87
Peggy Thompson 108
Sally Vongsthron 56
Lyn Ward and Xi Krump 26
Beth Wolfe 64
Andy Sharp  44
Cheryl Cebula 70
Sharleen Chesledon 69

Jose Alvarado and Pilar Alcocer 14
Lee Ater AV
Kathleen Barbee 87
Jess Beyler 59
Lori Bonvicini 60
Delaney Butler 90
Sharleen Chesledon 69
Linda Ford 45
Susan Hormann 7
Jill Jones 25
Huong Lam 24
Nancy Lemaster 21
Coly McCauley 34
Ginny Ruffner 63
Nancy-Carolyn Smith 73
Martha Ann Salt 37
Julie Stump 64
Vera Tyuleneva 46
Rita Ward 26
Dick Weiss 38

Drake Birnbaum 90
Richard Fiorelli 59
Jessica Hayman 45
Lynn Di Nino 38
Nota Lucas AV
Leo Ward 26
Toni Whittington 34

Rick Semple and Jori Adkins 38
Deborah Kennedy AV
Mary Poole 64
Meredith Skillman 34
John Ward 26

Stephanie Tollan 64
Bill Ward 26

Jackie Golden 26
Mary Flores 64

Kim Roscoe 64

*AV = Artist’s vessel
*STCV = Save the Children vessel