Video interviews – Unedited footage

These are unedited video interviews from Patra Passage participants. 

Ann Darling passed Patra vessel #37 on to her daughter Amy Darling. They discuss their individual take on the meaning of the Patra Passage and engage in a thoughtful dialog about the mother-daughter experience of giving and receiving. The bowl has now passed on to its third Darling family recipient, five year old Eva.

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Amy and Ann Darling

David Madeira is the recipient of Patra vessel #4. He comments on the Patra Passage’s earliest beginnings in Tibet when he and his wife Lynda Lowe motorcycled from Lhasa to Kathmandu in 2000. He also describes a recent retreat where the Patra provided focus for his experience during three weeks of solitude.

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07Tibet00 Start of trip


Melissa Weinman is the recipient of Patra #56. During the interview in her painting studio she discusses being present, energy work, and the accidental chipping and repair of the bowl’s edge.

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Melissa Weinman

C. R. Roberts creates an interesting experiment at Infinite Soups restaurant. He set his Patra vessel #91 on the checkout counter, placed twenty one-dollar bills in it, and leaves a large sign stating “Give or Take”. This interview tells you what happened during that twenty-four hour period.

Patra 91 comments

An endorsement for Infinite Soups in Tacoma, WA: It is indeed a great “soup emporium” as CR calls it, and with a crew of patient generous people who work there.

CR Roberts

Ron Thomas tells wonderful stories of students from the University of Puget Sound passing Patra #73 around the table during dinner with the university president one night. As they each hold the bowl, they use it to discuss a gift that was meaningful to them.

Patra 73 comments

Ron Thomas

Sculptor Del Webber talks about the challenge, pleasure, and burden of choosing just one recipient to whom he will gift Patra #29. He states that  giving and receiving are both generous acts, that the recipient empowers the giver by accepting the gift.

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Pamela Transue hunts the mystery of the odd script embedded on the side of Patra #27. Her intrigue and tenacity unearths ancient Myanmar history and in the search connects her with a number of interesting people.

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Pamela Transue